July 13, 2006

Goldman Sachs Research: Fundamentally Bad

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Following my previous post titled inside Goldman Sachs, here is an interesting article taken from covel’s site. Note the interesting part at the end of the article.

Goldman Sachs Research: Fundamentally Bad

Here’s the bad news: Not all TurtleTrader readers receive Goldman Sach’s daily research. Now here’s the good news: The ones who don’t aren’t missing anything. TurtleTrader is not a client of Goldman’s nor do we endorse them in any way. We just happen to be on the mailing list. Okay. So now we’ve dispensed with the disclaimers.

Goldman daily research is extremely detailed. Projections abound. Discounted cash flow valuations, balance sheets and income statements overwhelm. It’s all there — the market performers, trading buy recommended lists, etc. as well as Goldman analysis. Tons of information right? Yes, indeed, but mostly useless.

For example, let’s take a look at PlanetRX, the online drugstore. Goldman has been promoting this baby as a great buy since shares sunk from the mid-teens to its most recent value of $2 a share. All of Goldman’s promotional analysis is based on its research minutia involving fundamental factors. None of the analysis is based on what the stock is actually doing, which is tanking. If the analysis was based on what the shares of PlanetRX were actually doing, any successful trader would know you would sell, not buy.

Why do large, respected brokerages go through the time and effort to produce such useless drivel by large salaried fat cat analysts? When you are a broker who earns monster fees and big commissions off pushing stocks and underwriting IPOs, you better make the package pretty don’t you think? How does this packaged information help someone who actually trades or invests? It doesn’t.

We would like to know how much of Goldman Sachs’ proprietary trading capital is actually invested as Goldman’s research suggests. It would be difficult, even for a Goldman Sachs investor, since the research never gives the reader solid advice regarding price levels at which to buy or sell. If the truth be told, we believe that Goldman’s trading capital is well positioned with hedge funds and trading firms worldwide that, as you might guess, trade trend following models.


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