April 2, 2007

Trade only the price

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This article in Covel’s website once again shows how profitable traders/fund managers do their trading.


I met with an old pro trader yesterday in his NYC office. He runs one of the largest clearing firms on the NYMEX. He has his unique way of doing things and clearly is not a trend follower. That said, his concern about knowing how to take losses properly echoed the wisdom of Wall Street’s great trend traders. His most interesting comment was about the word “despite”. He loved to see the word. For example, if you see the talking heads saying, “Despite bad news Apple stock went higher”, he would view that as an opportunity to go long even more. Conversely, if he saw “despite good news, Apple went lower”, he would go short. He wasn’t trying to preach fundamentals or “news” reading, but just wanted to pass along his insights from the last 20 years. Sure, it was short and simple wisdom, but then again most good Wall Street wisdom is that way, the hard part as he reminded me is the execution.

A quick note: DESPITE of whatever the news and fundamentals say, they trade the price. But this doesn’t mean they use technical analysis mumbo jumbo. Not analysis. Not prediction.


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