April 30, 2007

Another reason to share

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Ron is an inspiring fellow trader/researcher at the MT_E_I community.
Here is an excerpt of emails exchange between me and him about sharing our knowledge and research achievement.

From: Ron Thompson
Date: Apr 30, 2007 12:35 PM
Subject: Re: a personal question about sharing
To: Darma

Sorry this reply took so long. Let me try to answer the questions for you.

At 12:06 AM 3/15/2007, Darma wrote:

Dear Ron,
I am thankful for your sharing the bolltrader ideas and expert advisors and also your tons of contribution in the community, where I learn so much from.

You’re very welcome.

Ron, I always have this question in my head, how do you so confidently share your ideas and works to the open public ? dont you ever worried that the market will anticipate your system or trading ideas, thus making it not profitable anymore in the future ?
Thank you for your time answering my silly question.

Not silly at all!
I do in fact have some nagging suspicions that, not necessarily the market, but my broker, or rather their MT4 server actually does something like that.
I have seen just at the moment the price reaches the trigger point for BollTrade, the spreads widen by 2-3 pips. Now I don’t track support/resistance, so the spread could have gone up because of that, or even because of something that IBFX saw from the ECN that they “smoothed”.
But I just think in the long run, that there are too many people and too many trades to track a minilot and worry about it.
The other thing I count on is people. When the 1st bad trades happen, they’ll abandon the EA. If they’re using martingale, and have to use 11 lots to recover a few minilots, then they’ll abandon it. noone will stick to any one trading EA for more than a few weeks.
I, on the other hand, will stick to it. I know there is a learning curve where you have to try a lot of stuff. I’ve done that. I’ve lost a fair bit of money during the process. But as my wife says, it’s the cost of education.
I’m now funded well enough to be able to let the EA run mostly on it’s own, which many people won’t be.
The other thing that I see is that no two brokers give the same results. That puts people off too,
So as you see, I’m not too worried about a “disaster of success” because I don’t think it will happen.
One thing I just do not know is how many people are actually running BollTrade. For all I know there could be 10,000 people running it across the globe optimized to their broker making tons of money. If so, it hasn’t affected my trading at all.
Hope that explains a little


So, another reason to share.. There could be 10,000 people running our strategy across the globe, making tons of money. It won’t affect our trading at all.
Let’s share !!!!


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