November 13, 2007

MT4 to non-MT4 brokers via Strategyrunner

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On Nov 13, 2007 5:41 AM, Darma <sub01> <> wrote: server based solution for trade automation.
Several non-MT4 brokers provide access for strategyrunner.
And one of GFT’s web page says that it also integrate with Metatrader 4.
im not affiliated with any of them.
Does anyone have any experience or comment on this?


Access the next generation of fully automated algorithmic forex trading using
seamless data integration tools to communicate between two separate
software programs. This allows you to easily automate strategies that
have been created through TradeStation, Wealthlabs, MetaTrader 4
or MS Excel. Any standard GFT trading account with a strategy written
in one of these four platforms can obtain the Strategy Runner service
at no additional cost.

Your strategies can be fully integrated to work with Strategy
Runner’s platform, and your trades will be executed through GFT. This
formula, combined with GFT’s reliable trade execution and over 99
percent uptime, is well-suited for the 24-hour, 5.5 days a week, nature
of the forex market.

About Strategy Runner

Strategy Runner’s powerful
innovative server-based technology for fully automated algorithmic
trading solutions integrates the needs of buy- and sell- side
institutions to access, automate, distribute, and execute trading
algorithms. It provides flexible customizable solutions for centralized
secure distribution of broker-supplied algorithms over multiple assets,
accounts and clearing firms.


On 11/13/07, Carl Sanders <> wrote:

I have had no experience with them. I know someone who uses/has used them and has had some problems lately. Slow or possibly no execution. I have something similar to this but not to GFT. There is definitely a need for this.



On Nov 13, Darma <sub01> <> wrote:

When one can put Metatrader 4 working with strategyrunner, he can trade through Man Financial’s Currenex platform, the MF Spot On (
It says:

Automated System Trading

MFX Spot-On, our professional electronic Foreign Exchange trading
platform, is compatible with automated system trading applications. We
facilitate algorithmic trading for clients by providing API
(application programming interface) for algorithmic connection
functionality. Clients who have developed and host their own models can
connect to MFX Spot-On using third party systems.

The “third party systems” is meant to be strategyrunner, as I was directed to MFXSpot-On page from a banner in strategyrunner website.



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