November 14, 2007

Postmo Darvas Method (?)

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Still inspired by the same article as in my previous post, the author suggested a form of a “Modern Day Darvas Method”,

Here are a few ways a modern-day Darvas might prevent micromanaging trades:
* Use Your Platform Tools. Set it and forget it. Whether you have sophisticated tools like bracket orders or just the basics, use the tools your broker has provided to help you structure your trades in such a way that they have the ability to play out without needing your constant supervision. This will help you to trade without emotion and allow you to fully implement your strategy for the trade from start to finish.
* Hide The Number. I’ve written about hiding the number before, and I think it can be quite beneficial, whether it’s your account balance or even just your P&L on trades. A trader friend of mine claims that hiding his P&L has made the biggest positive impact in his trading – more than any tools or indicators. It’s an interesting concept, particularly if you find yourself overreacting to every little pullback or advance. By giving his broker trade instructions ahead of time, Darvas didn’t watch his P&L or spook himself out of trades.
* Turn off the news flow. Darvas found that his absence from the Street allowed him to stay in trades longer so that he could let his original game plan play out. That means he was not surrounding himself with rumors or opinions or the news flow. He didn’t make bets based on gut feel – he stuck to the charts, trading from the price action when opportunies arose. If for you that means turning off CNBC, avoiding comparing opinions with your trading buddies by staying off of instant messenger or Skype, then so be it. Whatever helps you make your money is what you need to focus on. Remember, Silence is Golden!

Yes, they are indeed good tips. But if the method above are called “Modern”, what then he’ll call this method below:

  • Define the strategy into the fullest details,
  • Write them into a working algorithm,
  • Backtest,
  • Evaluate,
  • Modify & improve,
  • Re-test,
  • Re-evaluate,
  • Fine tune,
  • Another re-test,
  • Validation test,
  • Let the strategy be automated through any growing number of supporting brokers.

Will these sequence of strategy automation produce a new method called as “Post-Modern Darvas” then? LOL.

Postmodern architecture


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