December 5, 2007

The Coldest Winter in Chicago

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Perhaps it’s the coldest one. Because i can even feel it from here when having this conversation with my contact. I hope things are going well.

Darma: dear P, if you hear any news pls let us know. thanks
P: I will
P: did you send the form?
Darma: yes we have sent the form
Darma: in the case document, i saw this that makes me worry:
“FXLQ is prohibited from distributing, disbursing or transferring any
funds, including to existing customers, without the prior approval of
P: You should have the funds in 3 days
P: from today
Darma: wouldn’t be any delay because of the need for NFA approval for each transfer of money?
P: I don’t think so
P: your money is seperate from the firms money
Darma: and P.. I and my client still trust you. if you have any suggestion on brokers we should choose, pls advice
P: ok , thank you
P: I’m sorry about what happened
P: I will call FXLQ again later
Darma: thank you. i hope we wont get any delays.
Darma: this makes me nervous, actually
P: there shouldn’t be
P: I’ll call later
Darma: you know better the regulation and the situation there.
Darma: yes, please let me know anything you can get.
P: it also happened to One World Forex
Darma: btw, how are you? it is winter there, isnt it?
P: they are cracking down
P: yes
P: I don’t like the cold
P: how about you?
Darma: do you have plan for christmas or new year?
P: no
Darma: im fine, except with this fxlq thing. my multifinance business is going well. as well as the chemicals
P: not yet
P: good for you
P: I need to shower now
Darma: ok P.. good luck to us!
P: you’ll be fine
P: I’ll call them later
P: and make sure
Darma: ok thank you
Darma: thanks.

I prefer spring over winter



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