December 19, 2007

Time Dimension of the Market

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Several short term trading systems we have been developing for the FX market relays heavily on the distinctively unique and consistent nature of volatility behavior between market’s sessions.

We even haven’t found any ways to substitute our time-constraint filters with something purely derived from price-only data. It’s like we actually have a different kind of market for each session that is divided by a rigid time mark, not by some hints those can be found in price action.

This has been bringing some serious thought for us, because we thought that we have to stick to our philosophy to relay our systems purely on price action. But then we realize that the market has the dimension of time along with the dimension of price.

And to our surprise, I found this interesting observation by Mr. Steenbarger, Ph.D. In one of his post today in his blog, he stated a similar conclusion as ours:

What we can see is that these seem to be different markets. Indeed, the daily correlations among the three range from .12 to .18, suggesting that what the market does during one time period is only very weakly related to what it will do in the next one.

Although his research is about the stock market, particularly the S&P, this has put us into believing that time dimension is very truly exists, as we also been observing the same phenomenon in the FX market.

This confirmation from Mr. Steenbarger’s research has put a new item to our research agenda, that we will need to check market’s average range for each session. This would probably be useful for developing a better opening range breakout model, by having a better measurement of the opening range width. And for our range trading model, we might get a better basis for the entry and exit strategy. The keyword would be determining the historical and average range of sessions.



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