June 13, 2008

FXLQ New News Out

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Another news’ been out today. A fellow (Nickname TripTrap) in the FF forum has just posted Lillian’s reply to his mails.

The Receiver just filed the 2nd report with the Court this week. Below please find the link to our report:

We are filing the motion for the distributions with the Court in a very near future. Once the Court approves our motion, distribution can be made. The hearing date will most likely be scheduled on July 14th. As required by law, the hearing for the motion is required to be scheduled within a reasonable timeline from the time the motion is filed to allow all parties to have a chance to review/oppose to the motion. Therefore, if we file the report in mid-June, the earliest the Court can approve the motion would be somewhere around mid-July.

Very truly yours,

Lillian Lee
Deputy to the Receiver

And there’s also another additional answers from Lillian:


Thank you for the fast reply and all the news!

Do you think it is likely for those that have claims will oppose the motion to distribute funds delaying us even more? Also, how long in these cases does it generally take for the checks to be sent out to the customers once the court approves of the motion?



I really do not know who will oppose to our motion or how the Court will decide at this point. The possible parties who may oppose to the motion would be FXLQ’s shareholders, mainly Mr. Gray, brokers and creditors (as they won’t receive 100% of their claims, at least not now). Let’s hope that it will not affect the Court’s approval for the distribution to customers.

Based on our other cases, typically the distribution can be made within few weeks (many times within a week) from the Court’s approval.

Lillian Lee
Deputy to the Receiver



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